Oleificio Sociale Cooperativo di Canino

We produce extra-virgin olive oil using only olives picked up in the area of Canino by over 1200 members of the cooperative.

The Cooperative Oil Mill of Canino only processes olives picked up by its members in the olive groves of this area, producing a high quality EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Most of the properties of this product are recognised by experts and consumers and depend on the soil and climate, on the prevalence of the “Caninese” cultivar, the rational olive cultivation systems and, finally, on the accurate technologies adopted in the processing and extraction phases. The oil produced by the Cooperative Oil Mill is obtained by simply pressing the olives picked up by olive growers directly from the trees in the area of Canino, where “Caninese” is the most common cultivar.

Olives are picked by hand or with the aid or mechanical harvesters. This process is expensive and laborious, but it allows the production of an extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity and a particular taste. It is best enjoyed ‘raw’ on fresh vegetables or soup, but it is also perfect for cooking.

An area full of history

Its origins are linked to the “gens Caninia”, one of the noblest families of the Etruscan city of Vulci. The remains of an imperial villa testify to the Roman presence, but the first written records date back to the Papal Bull issued by Leo IV in the IX century.

The town was the birthplace of Pope Paul III, born Alessandro Farnese. Luciano Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother, lived in the palace designed by architect Valadier. The family Chapel is located in the Collegiate Church, where it is possible to admire the paintings by Albertinelli, Wicar, Monaldo and some Flemish painters.

Other paintings and frescoes by Pietro Perugino can be found in the Monastery of St. Francis. The smallest and oldest bronze bell ever known was found in Canino. Recently restored in the Vatican Museums, this relic of considerable importance and rarity dates back to the VIII century and is the oldest bell bearing a dedicatory inscription.

we produce since 1965

Italian extra virgin olive oil

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50th years of quality

The Cooperative, established in 1965, has over 1,200 members who cultivate about 3,340 hectares of olive groves with over 268,000 olive trees in an agricultural and uncontaminated area.

Video ‘the case of Canino’

Video presented by FAO and ENEA during the 2015 Science Festival held in Genoa from October 22nd to November 11th. THE CASE OF CANINO – The agricultural research in Europe. Click the button below to go to the video section and watch it.